Monday, July 30, 2007

A Brief Record Of Shenanigans and Stupidity...

I know I promised more frequent updates which will happen however, I just got back from the Upper peninsula of Michigan where I was staying on Drummond Island for a few days just relaxing drinking too much and not showering.
When I was there Dan and I were fortunate enough find the night sky clear and beautiful every night. Due to the lack of city light we were able to see a great many things with Dan’s telescope, looking at the moon through it was truly amazing especially when I found that the majestic 5.2 was able to take photos through the telescopes lens, not the best quality I will admit but the fact that we spent a good hour trying to take a photo worthy of even looking at is a testament to our greatness!
There was one point at night when we heard a low growl for a few minutes, which freaked us out because there are supposedly 100 bears on that Island! I personally was more worried that it was a crazy Canadian! Being that close to Canada is worrying enough!! After this we promptly took action by drinking more beer to avoid a sober death at the hands of a grizzle bear! Luckily nothing came of this but just to be safe we drank more.

This photo didn't work out because the flash went off but I kind of like the effect it created what do you think?

While there I decided we should go fishing, the locals said the best fishing was next to some dock near us however, I was of the mind that the water was too shallow to catch anything worth my time and besides I told the lady in the fishing shop that I wanted a lure for catching Pike she was snotty and said “ there’s nothing that big in this lake so good luck with that,” I was of course thinking this is lake Huron ridiculous local. Why is it that anywhere you go in the countryside the locals always think they know best when in fact people from the city know best this is why when I was catching Pike while they were crammed around a dock catching nothing!! So Dan and I proceeded to the mouth of lake Huron were I though fish would be plentiful given the deep water and prime location. Sure enough after only a couple casts I caught a Pike. The proof is in the photos! I caught two approximately 20 inch pike, I did release the biggest one back in to the wild however the next one I got was a fraction smaller and the hook had unfortunately fatally wounded him so I thought it only right to eat him and he was delicious!
I was right and the locals were WRONG! Us city folk always know best silly buffoons muahaha ha ha… after proving we were right we though it best to keep every camp fire raging all night long to contribute to the pollution on the island!
That concluded our amazing adventure so enjoy the photos…

The Pike above was the bigger one he was pissed and bite a hole in the net!! Below the smaller one

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Shooting Stars

Well I am finally updating my blog!! I will do this more often now but I had problems uploading photos. My blog without photos would be like a book with out pictures and honestly who reads the book when there are pretty pictures to distract you! Anyhow the mighty 5.2 always takes the best photos :P and from now on, frequent updates now that I can actually upload stuff.
I love the Shooting Star Lilly featured below they need to make its fragrance a cologne, that would be delightful! Recently I have suffered the constant urge to listen to the Smashing Pumpkins while drinking coffee! Tomorrow more photos and less talk, :)

Friday, July 6, 2007

West Michigan Lake Monster Attacks Local Residents!!

Today mostly work until late after noon when a Dutch man picked me up on his boat! Upon crossing the lake we went through a small channel leading to the next lake. When arriving in the next lake we saw a family of swan. I got some photos of family and the male hanging behind to ward us off.
After this we fled back to the channel and safety or so I thought however, when entering the channel we were attacked a beast so furious that the boat almost capsized… upon which time we saw the evil creature swimming at speed, straight ahead! All hands on deck!! Evil creature 12 at o’clock… wait… thankfully the evil creature was distracted by a lily pad, which he was stealing from our lake!! I reacted to this blatant attack on my ego with a counter strike that included a paddle. I was fast and my actions noble however he was the swifter man so my cameras eye was not adapted to handle this monstrosity. I posted the photo anyway so you can see a glimpse of its true and terrible nature!
After this scare we decided to stay in deep water away from this monsters habitat until the sun went down. I got the last photo back on the dock away from the water and the terrors it holds.
Well I vote same thing again tomorrow. This time we shall bring beer to fend off this threat to national security!

Do you realize swans are together for life ;) and there is an ugly duckling in there too!

Evidence of the ‘Evil Beast’ that attacked us then fled with his prize

Pretty blue ripples in the deep waters

Thursday, July 5, 2007

regression back to life in the forest...

As this is my first entry I must say thanks to Natalie for setting all this up for me, so thank you:)
On this fine summers day me and Daniel decided it best to engage nature in a twisted battle of discomfort and torment under the hot sun, as usual we made it out barely alive however, with a few shots we struck gold I think and now we have something to remember the occasion by.
It was only righteous that we go to the state game area near Schoolcraft and hunt for some shots to start this journey out right, enjoy.