Monday, September 24, 2007


Today so far I have managed to get out of bed early using my new method of having the coffee maker on my bed side table ready for action!

When I went outside for some fresh air with my coffee... behold I saw a really nice sunrise from my deck so I snapped a couple of shots featured below! A great start to the day :) I enjoyed the rays of cancerous light being hindered by water vapor muahahahahaha...

Then I chopped some of my clients grass… Here at Nellist lawn care we are the best, so it’s only natural that your lawn will turn out looking like a U.S. Masters golf green. I chopped it curving toward the house this looks a lot more pleasing to the eye and also makes the lawn seem bigger.

I like to think of the grass as a blank canvas upon which I am free to create a master piece! I love my own propaganda it’s a lot more convincing than most he he... now I will try and contact my super beautiful girl friend.... sigh

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Morning glory in bloom

The crazy clouds are still around today

Today I have been to 4th coast to get coffee and who knows what else will happen it's still early but for now I am feeling ecstatic...
Below: I drank this organic sumatran coffee, I sat in the back of the cafe away from the chaos of the outside world he he

Friday, September 14, 2007


The clouds have covered the sky for a few days now and the high winds make them move very fast, it's very beautiful... but cold

It was nice to see the shafts of light today a... glimpse at the heavenly sun God who providing life giving light he he GO SUN GOD!! Below is a picutre from the Dutch mans boat last week but the theme for today is clouds so I threw it in here he he...
More sunlight beaming through the cloud cover

Friday, September 7, 2007


Yesterday I had a very productive day at school we discussed the “magic hour” in filmmaking and I posted my schoolwork so you can see what I have already gained from this class so far. It was so stressful with all that work going on that I almost forgot to pick up Alyssa from school…

My Schoolwork… I have decided to name my creation "Crazy Crow says BAGHA!!" I think maybe I will turn it in to a series of children’s books about the Crazy Crow and all of his adventures he he

After Class the Dutch man and I went fishing and had a few drinks on Cedar Lake. It sprinkled with rain a little but was nice and warm. No fish this time… well the Dutch man caught a small Bass but no luck in the search for the elusive/delicious Walleye. Better luck next time... BAGHA!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The summer is ending

The summer is ending... school has started, the fire flies are gone and the air tonight just smells like fall. Its cool and refreshing after the hot weather but something inside me feels sad that those summer nights will be gone, replaced with bitterly cold wind and snow ugh... that isn't here yet though there’s at least one more month to enjoy the great lakes splendor he he...Me under water hmm... I took these photos a few weeks ago but never put them up... until now!!
Shallow water at the Barton lake boat launch, I liked the ripples in the sand. Below, me blowing out an air bubble he he...
How to water proof your camera: 1. Take a gallon sized zip lock baggy 2. Insert camera 3. Seal the bag with air trapped inside so if you let go it floats! (This is probably the most important step) 4. Place under water and snap away!! When taking a photo hold the bag tight against the lens otherwise the photo will be blurry, it gets a little blurry anyway but hey… Also I don't recommend doing this and accept no responsibility if you drown your camera!! I try and keep the camera as shallow as possible in the water preferably not letting the zipper on the bag even go under... Bingo!! your very own underwater camera!! Enjoy!!